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Race against Time,Tonight
Post: 2015/7/10

Steel box girder erection, the key work of Hefei Nanxunmen bridge expanding project, has been started on Jun 26, just 26 days after commencement of the project. Before hoisting, Mr. Wei Jianhua, Director General of the Administration of Hefei Key Projects Construction, Mr. Xue Song, Chairman of the Board of ASCG and Mr. Chen Huiquan, Safety Director of ASCG visited the construction site for supervision and instruction. The first steel box girder erected this time is at the bridge approach on the northwest side, about 100.64 meters long divided into four sections, the longest among which is 29.64 meters, 68 tons while the shortest is 19 meters, 44 tons. Due to the narrow construction site, all steel box girders are processed in thee workshop and then transported to the construction site section by section.

The fabrication of steel box girders outside the construction site is carried out with construction in the meantime. As the first bridge of pure steel box girders, Nanxunmen bridge widening section has totally eight steel box girders on the east and west sides, about 832.56 meters long, 3.48 meters wide, 1.4 meters high and nearly 2040 tons. According to the construction method statement, construction duration is very short, only 45 days from steel procurement, processing until hoisting completion. In order to complete the project in time, the time for completion of the Project is scheduled in a reversed order and detailed steel box girder fabrication and erection plan is made. The fabrication work follows a hoisting order from north to south and from both ends to the middle, with consecutive working 24 hours a day. For the constriction on site, hoisting section by section is implemented so as to ensure seamless connection.

At present, fabrication of steel box beams for north side of the bridge has been completed, and erection is scheduled on Jul 5th; while the fabrication of steel box beams for south side will be completed at the end of June, and erection is scheduled on Jul 15th so as to leave more time for the subsequent works.